Monday, October 2, 2017



At night we would light two lamps

Where I would watch you undo

Every button of that blue checkered dress

The rest of you in boots

Blonde hair loose

Wet a little from rainwater

That morning we climbed

From a roadside clearing

Alone on the mountain

Shared bread and honey

Followed the trail down

Of ice and small birds


All evening

A swallow has

Swept the grassy

Farmyard for one

Shedded goose

Feather to stitch

Into her nest —

It is easy enough

For me to pick

Up — but I watch

Instead, until

She has it


Take a blanket of red wool

Fold it into a cushion square

Beside flames of the wood fire

Where lamplight of the room

Falls the best, and right there

In the heat, away from winter

With your loom of sanded birch

I’ll watch you weave the moon

Stars, river and mountains

From a trail we’re on of thread

What She Wears

Where I am

The day is so utterly beautiful

All wind and sunshine

A dress could be sewn from it

And what do you know, I’m alone

But not for long


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