Monday, December 4, 2017



We hiked into the woodlot first snow

Brought home a tree for the holidays

Misshapen hemlock few would look twice at

And because you were sick we held the

Tree outside the kitchen window for

You to see, smile, nod an approval

Point quickly to a chickadee

Off on a high branch


All my life

Lived under the stars

Walked with them night after

Night, and I’m still

Learning how they move

Through the seasons

And you help — point your

Gloved hand this winter

Evening almost over our heads

To Cassiopeia and then arc

To the North Star in the

Little of the dippers  —  it’s

Easy once you know, once you

Are shown, once you have

Someone to see with

My Love. . .

wonders every winter-to-spring about a garden that grows on the way to town. This year she is worried about the man who plants and tends that garden every year. She hasn’t seen him at all out there working. Ground unplowed. She remembers him in the fall looking frail. There is a small pickup truck in the driveway. The gardener has no idea about my love’s thoughts. The space between the road and the house is maybe one hundred feet and within that space is a possible eden.

Lovers Of The Earth

Today in a supermarket in town, coming back from a job of land clearing, we stopped at a local grocers’ and found a few things, plus a sack of sunflower seeds since Sweetheart just can’t stop feeding the birds she feeds all winter long

It is springtime now

The bears may come for this seed if she isn’t careful

At the checkout an old-timer watched her buy the seed and before I packed it he asked her (and ignored me) “Are you going to eat those, or plant them?”

A gentle question

Sweetheart smiled and said, “Feed the birds”

His eyes grew in size  


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