Tuesday, December 19, 2023



R E A D    M E


A wretched Hatchet Job by the likes

of the New York Times

where within the review you will find:

"He (Bradbury) had an unusual habit, one I’ve never encountered to this extent, of mailing innocent civilians copies of his stories, plays and books. Rule No. 1 of literary life is to not give people copies of your stuff, unless specifically requested. Because a book is not just a book but an obligation."

So imagine Walt Whitman never sending Ralph Waldo Emerson

unsolicited Leaves of Grass. Never mind my own half-century of

sending Longhouse in the thousands to the poor "innocents"

and vice-versa gladly in return

now obligated to do what? — read, share, enjoy, pass along.

Feel sorry for this reviewer who receives most everything free

from the publishing gin mill, and the majority, if not all,

is from the mainstream.

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Simon & Schuster, 2023