Tuesday, August 13, 2013


nytimes / photo: Olaf Blecker



I've come this far to freedom and I won't turn back

I'm climbing to the highway from my old dirt track

          I'm coming and I'm going

          And I'm stretching and I'm growing

And I'll keep what I've been sowing or my skin's not black

I've prayed and slaved and waited and I've sung my song

You've bled me and you've starved me but I've still grown strong

          You've lashed me and you've treed me

          And you've everything but freed me

But in time you'll know you need me and it won't be long.

I've seen the daylight breaking high above the bough

I've found my destination and I've made my vow;

          so whether you abhor me

          Or deride me or ignore me

Mighty mountains loom before me and I won't stop now.


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