Saturday, February 27, 2016



We were up in the woodlot, full sunshine, this afternoon
barely any snow now, certainly ground plain of ice
Here's a photograph of bringing home over the ice
sliding like kites
two sled loads of dry oak
We left a good size pile of hand split oak
up in the woodlot for another day
when a bit more snow falls

For all our Hillary Clinton fans, and we
know you're out there friends
but we don't like the war-hawk Hillary
the liar Hillary, the daddy war-bucks Hillary
Goldman Sachs Hillary
any more than we any longer like our
Vermonters Peter Shumlin and Patrick Leahy
not rooting for their home town boy, Bernie

We would love a woman President!
Could you bring back Shirley Chisholm?
or ask Angela Davis, how about Elizabeth Warren?!
We'll wait for Elizabeth Warren —
if she even wants to bother
with this circus

Bernie should sit down on the end of the log
with Donald Trump and I bet he could
teach him some things —
after all, this great country was cut out
of raw wood by salesmen / con men (Trump)
and freedom riders (Bernie)
and an independent mind
is a glorious thing

That's how two woodcutting fools
chatter aloud in the woods
when the sun is
starting to feel warm
on their backs

25 degrees

26 Feb 2016