Monday, April 22, 2019


Stone Sonnet

A young dump truck driver

with a new truck and a handsome

stainless steel dump body that he

is very proud of and listen how the

load of small stones seem to laugh

as they rush in the thousands down

to the ground

he asks —

“why did you ask for the pile

of stone to be dropped

right in front of the door?”

I said, “if you want something


put it in your way”

Fair Warning

I went to find an old friend today

I had no idea it was a friend until I arrived

over the slope of early spring forest

the snow all vanished

the many spaces without foliage

a clean look for any eye

and coming over the rise

there was my old friend

long gone sugar maple tree

it was my companion decades

ago when cutting winter firewood

in this woodlot, now mostly broken

down and in massive sections rotting

into the earth, and the twenty feet still

standing is beyond recognition, you see

this was a tree I once talked to, knew it

was slowly dying then but I thought it

would take forever and now we are beyond

forever and I’m coming to grips what time

has passed, 200 feet away in my house, so easy

to see from where my friend passed on with-

out a word, in the wind, the winter, summer

play, fall passage and discovery spring —

I’m too late

don’t you be

Framing The Barn

How trusting, relaxed!

Daddy-Longlegs moves

Inches from my hammer blows

The Winter Of Big Snow

I shoveled more

snow bank today

cut it like

a wedding cake

moved the blocks 

of snow as if

I was indeed

building an

igloo —

I did once

with my


he adored it

we both crawled inside


Bob Arnold
Heaven Lake

Longhouse 2018