Monday, January 7, 2019



New bowls


New food


no one else does —

so the dog rises

as one enters


In the right place

at the right time

with the right lighting

and in the breeze

you could fall in love

Floating World

It was a dreamy time for you and me

The weather said so

The pair of windows that opened like shutters

The easy turn of the latch

Through the opening light dazzled

Something like your hair

Many years married please know

Is many years loved

A small bird with flashing orange wings

Sang from a tree that grew to our window

In this hut we built with our own hands

Some would call it a fairytale

These days pass by as light becomes darkness

There is next to nothing to show for it

How They Met

He took what clothes he needed washing, including the ones he was wearing, and she put everything into their old washing machine and it was done. She then took the fresh wash spun dry and carried it outdoors and hung it on the clothesline for the afternoon. Then she went to town to do errands. He cut a lot of grass. When they met up again the clothes were dry. He cut up fruit for their supper and she went out and brought the clothes in sun kissed from the line. She folded everything neat as a pin and rested it on the back of the sofa near the hallway door to the upstairs. He went carefully through the clothes and decided he needed everything of his right there downstairs. He left the clothes alone. Hours later, on her way upstairs, she took all the clothes with her up the stairs. When she got upstairs something about it all told her his clothes were supposed to stay downstairs. She brought the clothes downstairs. 

He was happy to see her.


Bob Arnold
Heaven Lake

Longhouse 2018