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J O H N     P H I L L I P S

New and available now from Longhouse 2016 ~

With collages by the author
160 pages

 Perfect bound softcover



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A selection of poems from Heretic by John Phillips ~


Today I made another mistake.
If I’m not careful, I’ll be caught.

What then? Years ago

they stopped burning heretics.
For me, they might bring it back.

I would almost want them to.

Only then might I forgive them.

This Floating World


along the Fuji River

came upon an abandoned child,
two years old, crying.

From out his sleeve,
threw it some food,

walked on.


In a dark
in a darkened room there’s a music

a music playing there
a woman slowly no
quickly passes she
into the room behind
dark in shadow the

behind the music remains
doesn’t quite remain it stays by going

she stays now gone still lingers his

lips to her music

the music is not dark it is
in a darkened room it makes not dark
gives a certain light to

light to the lips saying dark saying
light is a woman in the dark

music of a woman

a woman in a dark room of
light a woman

dark light

each in the other being one each other
one is more than oneself or is not

woman is a man loving the woman is a
man and woman loving a newborn daughter in the dark

light loving a child sung to

in a room darkened by dark
lips on lips   light
a certain music of

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