Sunday, December 10, 2023



I keep coming back —

born again, born again,

Like the Blue Sky.

I know what comes before

& after, what will be.

I know all about it, ask me.

It's all going to happen.

Everything in its time.

Everything like it's supposed to be.

Just watch how I do it.

Keep at it, keep your head straight.

Day after day, Blue Sky.

Just watch. Do it like me.


What is thought will happen —

first you must think of it

& then you must do it.

The timing must be right.

What is done must be right

for the time, suit the time —

summer's work in the summer

One foot must follow the other —

they cannot go their own ways.

First there is the pattern

& then it's unfolding.

She who takes the seed with love

gives birth with love.


Rain & rain & rain & rain.

There is water everywhere!

Everything is afloat!

This is the beginning.

You can't stand still.

Where will you go?

What can we do?

Make the right choice.


Tie the right knot

at the right time.

You know what it has to do.

Know how to untie

what you tie.


I won't stand & wait

until all becomes clear.

A spring bubbles up,

fills what space it can,

& flows as it has to,

makes its own way.

I must move on,

find my own way.


I'll answer your questions

when you can ask them.

Do you really want to know?

Does it matter

what you're told?


Sometimes you can smell trouble,

you know it's waiting to happen.

You don't have to help it along,

it'll come looking for you.

It'll come in its own time.

Don't get too curious.

Don't rush into it.

Maybe it won't find you.


I don't worry. Not me.

I know how strong I am.

I see things the way they are.

I always take time

to treat myself well.


I know what I want.

Things will go my way.

I will do anything

to make things go my way.

Don't doubt me.

I can do it.

I will do it.

I know what I want.


I'm not always right —

usually, but not always.

Even I know that.

Sometimes it pays

not to be right.


Know where you stand.

Know where you move to.

Know who goes with you.

Know that they know

where you stand, where you move.

Know that they know

why you stand, why you move.

Know that you are right in what you do.


You're not alone,

you just think you are.

The others will help.

Treat them well

& they'll treat you well.


The rivers will run to the sea.

That's the way it is.

Sometimes more, sometimes less.

They do it in their own time.

No one will stop them.


The time is right.

Everyone is known.

Things have been done together.

They will be done again & again.

Be yourself, as the others are.

What you do together

brings you together

& holds you together.


Being here is enough.

That you are here.

However gentle

you might be.

The wind must pass around you.


You have to know when it's time to wait.

You have to take it all into account.

Sometimes you have to wait.

Twiddle your thumbs.

Watch the clouds go by.

Practice your smile.

It isn't easy, but sometimes

there is no other way.


When I think about what I'm doing

everything turns out as it should.

I have to pay attention

or things just don't work

the way they're supposed to work.

To get things in order

I have to do them in order.

It's just the way my mind works.


He knows what he knows

& I know what I know.

Only when I tell him

what I know

does he know.


We work together.

We know what we want.

We do what it's time to do.

Things get done.

What more can we ask?


It doesn't get any better

than this —

everything is where it belongs.

Everything has a name,

everything has a place.

There is a time for everything.

I could put it all together again

if I had to.


You can't talk me into anything.

I listen to my own mind.

I know what I want to do.

I don't take advice.

I decide if I'm right.

I decide if I'm wrong.

I do things my way

when I can get away with it.


When you're working alone

you can only do so much.

It all takes a long time,

but if you keep at it

what needs to be done gets done.


In the beginning

we gathered


& nobody knew

who anybody was.

I figured it out.

We needed names

if we wanted to talk

about one another.


Sometimes someone

who is strong & clear

sees more of it all

& makes happen

more than we knew was needed.


I have to know enough

to keep things straight.

I have to know enough

to keep my mind

where it belongs.


I didn't see it coming

but I can't let it go by.

There's a place for her,

all she has to do is remember

what it is —

why she's here.

If she can remember

we'll both remember.


Try to keep things in balance.

Try to keep things equal.

If a cup is too full it will spill.

If a cup is empty it can only be filled.

Give away what you don't need.

Be thankful for what was given to you.

Be sure to finish what you start —

don't get ahead of yourself.


A mother teaches her son

more than she knows.

It all goes through her hands.

She knows what to do with it.

She passes it all along.


The rite of first thunder —

earth opens for the rain.

It has always been that way.

The old ones show the way.

These who believe in what must be done

are happy to be part of it.

Nothing holds back

what must be done.


If you believe in him

what he does is right.

You know he is right

& open doors for him

& sing to him.


I type out these poems from the opening pages of

James Koller's The Bone Show on the day he passed

away 10 December (2014). Hey there, Jim.


The folk literature of the world speaks from the accumulated traditions of its own diverse beginnings. Common to all these traditions are the desires to understand and to participate in both the known and the still-to-be-known worlds. It all adds up, the folk tell us, will all make sense, someday, to somebody.

THE BONE SHOW is a ghost dance, a chronicle of characters and ideas that, because of their folk origins are able to interact in and with the Present. They remain able to move beyond the known, are able to recreate from the Past, a Now and Future.

The inspiration and focus of the dance, the I CHING, first appeared as an outgrowth of folk traditions in ancient China. We know the eight characters who move through the dance from European and North American traditions as well as Asian. We know that what was done before will be done again. We too, have watched it happen. We know, even as we watch the dancers change, that it's all the same dance.



James Koller

Coyote Books

Rete Bioregionale Italiana