Monday, March 12, 2018


Another Simple Story

We skated and skated

Later looking over

The lake north to

Snow clouds coming

And skated some more

(you do that with a child)

And because of that

Drove home in snow

Son At 19 Moved Away

Deepest snow —

look out the window

to our son’s old tractor toy left

out now for the birds at the feeder

and a nuthatch perched on it like

no one could ever have planned

Sitting With The Sun
On The Steps Of The Hut

I keep telling myself

to take better time

at peeling the small

orange and breaking

its heart into pieces

After The Child

the swing


How To Survive In America, My Son

Forget tv

& newspapers

silly phones

& “what’s important” 

watch the sky, the trees, the tide

animals don’t care much about you until you look like them

when rolling the car

bang back the roof

knock smooth the doors

find new glass

don’t lend the car again

cover the tomatoes for as long as you can

the morning ice is in the work pails

rake the yard by hand 

leaf all garden beds

it’s time to say goodbye

do this with someone you love or who is your thoughts

watch for fools —

they act &



like you

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