Monday, September 29, 2014


G E R R Y   L O O S E

24th July

Anvil of a thrush

S U S A N   H O W E
Spontaneous Particulars
The Telepathy of Archives
Christine Burgin
New Directions 2014


Poetry has no proof nor plan nor evidence by decree or in any other
way. From somewhere in the twilight realm of sound a spirit of
belief flares up at the point where meaning stops and the unreality
of what seems most real floods over us. The inward ardor I feel
while working in research libraries is intuitive. It's a sense of self-
identification and trust, or the granting of grace in an ordinary
room, in a secular time."

~ Susan Howe

Three cheers for mail out of the mailbox
even if some of our postal workers have gone crabby
go to another town, they're fine!  
Now that we're in some months of a long detour
such a round ride home over hill & dale
with many weeks of accumulated mail!