Saturday, June 11, 2022



Just A Song

Thanks because the river flows

and the villages are fruits on the roads

and the roads are sleepwalking doors

and sleep is the shadow of death

its white land's first

and the dead are with me

strolling in front of my house

unarmed and peaceful

they posed for photos then left 


without an evening

or a calamity

and thanks to the evening.

A Going

Leave us something

we'd be sad if you leave

Leave us, for example,

if you like,

your last photo by the door

our summer trip together

that scent of pine,

your words or your tobacco?

And don't go


and whole

like a sword.

A Horse

And whenever I fall asleep

I find a horse grazing grass

. . .


a horse comes to graze the grass

. . .

when I fall asleep.


Ghassan Zaqtan

Like A Straw Bird It Follows Me, and Other Poems

trans. Fady Joudan

Yale 2012