Saturday, January 7, 2012


Found "I" stone erected by Bob right after Hurricane Irene along the river

The following photographs and films are of no great drama, yet of localized action at the height of Hurricane Irene and the flood, late August 2011. It turned all our lives around a few spins. Vantage point of the visuals are either north of Longhouse or south as the river flows. The river, in either direction, took out our road, and some parts of each film show this at work. "Lyle's bridge" is Lyle Howe, a neighbor, who should be proud his construction stood the test. This was his second bridge. The first, from some time back, was washed away, and if one looks carefully while traveling down the river, the metal stringers of his first bridge can still be seen on the east side of the river flank. Persistent buggers, even Irene didn't wash them off their resting spot.

Our island after the flood (all trees now bucked up, split and carried out by hand)

Irene takes our road (river in the background, road in the foreground)

Irene takes the road from Massachusetts to Vermont

Found sculpture after the flood. Artist: Irene.

Found on our road the day after the flood. Artist: a kind passerby

He who shows up at the right time


Four short films by Bob Arnold showing at real time Hurricane Irene at work along the Green River in Vermont.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

photos & films © bob arnold