Monday, April 9, 2018


The Big Hug

Live long enough and you may see

Those you loved and who didn’t love you —

Heroes, fantasies, icons, dreamboats, filigree

All disappear, never-were, something about a big imagination

While those you do love and they do love you

They also disappear, here today gone tomorrow, poof

So now you know what to do


No one spoke to her much, how strange —

Not family or friends and even those who

Sat with us at meals couldn’t say a word to her

Or even look her way. That must be beauty.

But every time she went to town and was alone —

A pretty scarf, an intriguing handbag, forever

And ever elderly women in parking lots and

Aisles of stores sought her out. This daughter

Whose own mother wouldn’t speak to her

Had women without daughters

Eating seed from her hand.

No Other

After she was sick awhile

She became thinner

Still young enough and strong

Her moves sexy

I couldn’t keep my hands off her hips

The attention delighted her 

She blushed instead of being too confident

Her hair fell to pieces like always

When she looked up my sky was blue

At night she fell asleep by the wood fire

There never would be another woman

Rain at the windows for days was welcome

In times of trouble no one wanted to listen to this stuff

To Have 

To have every bird in the woods

Finally sing and I am known to it

Is all the morning I ask

To see the flower garden

Move as a dress on your body

Is all the day I wish

To have the stars rise from the river

And you think of me not as crazy

Has to be the night ahead

I'm In Love With You
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