Monday, March 18, 2013


Books or Music ~

Joshua Burkett, Time-Lag 059

Jess O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica, Siglio, 2012 (Jess Collins)

Jack Collom, Second Nature, Instance Press, 2012

Clark Coolidge, 88 Sonnets, Fence Books, 2012

Jonathan Greene, Lustre, Of The Everyday, Common Epihanies, Broadstone Books, 2012

Donald A. Heneghan, City Lights Pocket Poets Series 1955-2005, The Grolier Club, 2005

George Kalamaras, The Mining Camps of the Mouth, New Michigan Press, 2012

Louise Landes Levi and Cralan Kelder, ED. IL. Bagatto, 2013, Broadside #13, Amsterdam, 2012

Kay Larson, Where the Heart Beats, Penguin, 2012

Heller Levinson, From Stone This Running, Black Widow Press, 2011

Robin Magowan, Internal Weather, Pasdeloup Press, 2010

Jeffrey D. Marshall, The Inquest, University of Vermont Press, 2006

Mike Mauri, A Family of Skunks, Recession Editions Press, 2011

Ken McCullough, Broken Gates, Red Dragonfly Press, 2012

Tom Piazza, The Southern Journey of Alan Lomax, Norton, 2013

Francis Poole and Mark Terrill, The Spleen of Madrid, The Feral Press, 2012

Andrew Schelling, A Possible Bag, Singing Horse Press, 2013

T. Kilgore Splake, Rosetta Cafe, Shoe Music Press, 2012

David Thomson, The Big Screen, Farrar, 2012

Paul Vangelisti, Wholly Falsetto With People Dance, Otis Books, 2013

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