Monday, February 3, 2020

YOKEL ( 17 ) ~

Woodcutter’s Memo

It will fit into the firebox

If — when she measures it —

Its height doesn’t reach

Above her knee


My father —

An old lumberman now

Tells me a little yarn about one

Of our descendants who were all

Sawmill owners and loggers and

How Grandfather Henry when he was 

Cutting off Mount Greylock for his mill and

For the state of Massachusetts carving a

Road out to the mountain’s summit also

Worked over one landowner for most of

One night about a particular oak tree he

Wanted and left quite pleased from his

Visit with the man because he was given

Permission to cut the tree he had already

Earlier in the day cut down

Hauling Wood

Winter after winter I used to cut my

Cordwood on the hill and backpacked

Up fuel jugs, water jar, an apple for a 

Snack and chain saw, and when I had my

Wood it was always near Spring. Over the

Spring I usually did something for Native like

Stonework or carpentry and in return he would

Bring his truck over when the woods were

Again dry and begin to haul the cord

Wood out with me and stack it at a

Landing near the house. Without fail

He always began with the woodpile

Furthest back in the woods, until after

Some days we ended the work with

The one closest at hand.

for Alden


Where loggers

Went through

Now Johnny

Jump ups

Bob Arnold