Saturday, February 20, 2021




Many remember, as I do, reading James Ridgeway first in

I.F. Stone's terrific weekly journal, and later in the

Village Voice. I couldn't have lived and worked

any further from any city, but every week I had the

Village Voice and other important above ground

and underground publications delivered through

the US Mail (thank you) from our major

cities in America — Ramparts Magazine yet another,

Liberation, WIN, The Realist, Old Mole, Berkeley Barb,

the East Village Other, the list is mighty. I was a kid with

little money and these papers didn't cost all that much.

The day of the Democratic Convention in Chicago, 1968,

riots in the street, I kept current from small town America by walking

down my neighorhood street and into another street to the town

newstand and buying the New York Times (as I did each day).

All of 9 cents.

The other day, the New York Times told me

James Ridgeway had passed away.

Go look and find what treasury he left us.

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