Sunday, July 28, 2013



George and I have been writing back and forth about music. Again. This time it was Harvey Mandel, who blew our collective minds when we weren't yet 16 years of age. A beautiful time to have the mind blown, even if it was to last forever. For me, this is the album that did it. The LP cover art alone, in 1968, stopped me breathing.


Solo discography

    1968 Cristo Redentor, (Philips Records PHS 600-281) LP

    1969 Righteous (Philips PHS 600-306) LP

    1970 Games Guitars Play (Philips PHS 600-325) LP

    1971 Baby Batter (Janus Records JLS-3017) LP - also released as Electronic Progress on Bellaphon Records, Germany

    1972 Get Off in Chicago (Ovation) LP

    1972 The Snake (Janus JLS-3037) LP - with Don Sugarcane" Harris

    1973 Shangrenade, (Janus JLS-3047) LP - with Don Sugarcane" Harris

    1974 Feel the Sound of Harvey Mandel (Janus, JLS-3067) LP

    1975 The Best of Harvey Mandel (Janus, 7014) LP

    1994 Twist City (Western Front WFE 10022)

    1995 Snakes & Stripes (Clarity Recordings CCD-1013) CD

    1995 Harvey Mandel: The Mercury Years (PolyGram, 314 528 275-2) 2-CD anthology

    1997 Planetary Warrior (ESP/Lightyear/WEA, 54215-2) CD

    2000 Emerald Triangle (Electric Snake Productions, Inc., ESP-9701) CD

    2000 Lick This (Electric Snake)

    2003 West Coast Killaz (Electric Snake)

    2003 NightFire featuring Harvey Mandel/Freddie Roulette (Electric Snake)

    2006 Harvey Mandel and the Snake Crew (Electric Snake)

    2009 Harvey Mandel and the Snake Crew (LIVE) (Electric Snake)

"His (Harvey Mandel's) guitar work on the legendary Stand Back! Here Comes Charley Musselwhite's South Side Band (1967) rivaled the playing of both Mike Bloomfield and Eric Clapton and brought blues and rock and roll another step closer to one another with his relentless fuzz tone, feedback-edged solos, and unusual syncopated phrasing."

—  Pete Prown; Harvey P. Newquist, Jon F. Eiche (1997). Legends of Rock Guitar: The Essential Reference of Rock's Greatest Guitarists (Hal Leonard Corporation)