Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Kaspar Hauser Song
For Bessie Loos

He really loved the sun, which descended the hill crimson,
The way through the forest, the singing blackbird
And the joy of the green.

Sincere was his living in the shadows of trees
And straight his face.
God spoke a soft flame to his heart:
O man!

Silently his footsteps found the city by evening;
The dark wail of his mouth:
I want to be a horse soldier.

But bush and beast followed him,
A house and a twilight garden of white people
And his murderer asked to see him.

Spring and summer and beautiful the autumn
Of the just, his quiet step
By the dark rooms of dreamers.
At night he kept alone with his star;
Saw how snow fell into bare branches
And the shadow of the murderer in the darkening hall.

The unborn's head slumped silver.


translated by James Reidel