Wednesday, July 8, 2020



drawn in

the watering can

upside down

against the



a moment

in darkness

a noise of

small rain.

To hold this

The slow

rise of

the bird in

the instant



from the deer path to my door

here doing what I do best

weeding reading drinking


tax bills deadlines work undone

I plan a seat around the sycamore


time spent with black parrot queen of the night tulip

bulbs why not working sitting


early bus to town for teachings better

follow the drumming woodpecker into the woods


woodpecker drumming lapwings

wings lapping all the way


the marble hall all suits & security

guards missing the rain in my garden


old lady scattering bread for birds

blossom stuck to her shoes all there is


daughter gone into the world

sometimes  leave her room light on


autumn leaves gather in corners

doing nothing most gets done


old cooking pot under sky where I wash my hands gardening stir up

little frogs carry them to the pond where geese now argue no


fell over drunk precepts

gone vow gone shin hurts palm hurts instep hurts


such a small beetle passes so

easily the written lines I labour over


stepping out for a piss I can't let the door

latch click listening to the owl's call


Gerry Loose
Printed On Water
Shearsman, 2007