Friday, May 15, 2015


Joanne Kyger & Arthur Okamura


                     How could you forget me so quickly —

But the way you are reached, touched, awakened
             by the world continues

                                           the same way you yourself
                          pass along a freely given
              lineage of  existence

                         Each one, every thing, perfect  "as is"

                Like the moon
            going down
        never really leaves the sky

                                             So "existence" never quits,
                                  never began,     never ended

                      You see in the moment
                                                 So sorry it will never be

               like this again —

      But when has the present ever been singular?

Everything with a language of distinction

                                      with sorrow, with melancholy
                              with sweet appreciation

                    of an extinguished future

        when water becomes
  a state of being

                                                                                  September 2014


Joanne Kyger
On Time
City Lights 2015