Monday, October 25, 2021



Hotel Montparnasse

Written in soap on the mirror in Vallejo's room:

Paul Celan does not like to be touched.

Remedios Varo does not like talking turnips.

Frida Kahlo will not eat uncooked termites.

Robert Desnos does not like to wear a tether.

Lenora Carrington does not like to be tickled.

Jerzy Kosinski does not like to cut his toenails.

Kiki will not go near a jar of pickled tonsils.

Frederico Garcia Lorca is allergic to pasta a' la Franco.

Charlotte Corday does not like a wet wig.

Apollinaire does not like to ride in a blimp.

Mayakovsky does not like to be truncated.

Julio Cortazar does not like a wet matchstick.

Gertrude Stein does not like to be called Twinkle Toes.

Joyce Mansour cannot tolerate the sound of a tuning fork.

Pablo Picasso will not dine near Charles Baudelaire.

Cesar Vallejo does not like giving birth to Cesar Vallejo.

[ Unsigned ]


John Bradley

Hotel Montparnasse

Letters to Cesar Vallejo

Dos Madres, 2021

This glorious book of poems (portraits)

is an ideal finished film script for

Wes Anderson to now take over