Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Just finished one of the more interesting Frost documents: Robert and Elinor's correspondence with their children, but mainly Leslie, the prettiest one and the one that best survived. Then I started in on Dieter Roth's DIARIES. I doubt there is a bigger leap between books. Not intentional, it's just the way things came about and no doubt the way I am feeling in the extremes of summer between construction work, or planting flowers. Bee balm is a month ahead. Daylilies aren't as magnificent as last year (what and who is?), the deer have munched down the hosta plants from here to Hanover. They know a second growth comes with the plant and they'll be back to actually munch down the rebirth. Survival of the fittest. Robert Frost. Dieter Roth. 


Roth was a mischief-maker at making his own handmade books, as few as 10 per title and he made these like Fruitmarket Gallery has chosen to go to great lengths to make this heavenly volume: grey boards with gauze to strengthen the spine. Simple is best.

Family Letters 
of Robert
 and Elinor Frost
edited by Arnold Grade
State University of New York, 1972


Dieter Roth
Fiona Bradley, Sarah Lowndes,
Jan Voss, Andrea Buttner, Bjorn Roth 
 Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 2012 
Yale University