Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Roberto Bolaño
a biography in conversations
Monica Maristain
Melville House, 2014



Further Update 2 December 2014:

The Jim Koller family now have a blog of their own, and Bert Koller has sent a message. Please tie into this link for the family news on Jim.

"Please visit http://crowstalktohim.blogspot.com/ to join James Koller on his most recent journey.

Thank you so much.

Love, Bert"

Up Date on Jim Koller from his family — 2 December 2014 —

"Dear all,

   Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and concern.

   Jim remains unconscious. MRI imagery shows the severity of the damage to his brain from the stroke. Our observations are that Jim has almost no ability to move the right side of his body & has demonstrated almost no responsiveness. Doctors warn us that his ability to both speak & to process language is likely substantially impaired, and that he may have problems with vision & the ability to protect his airway. Pneumonia and his existing Parkinson's disease complicate the picture.

  Jim's children and Maggie are either here or closely involved. He's well cared for and surrounded by love and kind attention. We're grateful in some way to find ourselves centrally located in the country, between Maine and California, Illinois and Arizona, and to have been on the road in a place with competent, compassionate, and kind medical professionals readily available.

  Within the next few days we hope to create a blog on which to post  further updates.

  With love from Joplin, Missouri"

James Koller with his children
Thea, Ida Rose & Bert
circa 1988
w/ Carson Arnold


We just had word while coming in the door from a day away, no lights on yet, getting the wood fire re-lit, that old friend of the family Jim Koller had a massive stroke Friday night in Joplin, Missouri.

His son Bert Koller sent us the news from Maine, where Jim had left a few days earlier for the midwest to be with family members before heading to the southwest where there is more family, and wanting to be way west in California for even more family somewhere down the road this winter.

Jim has lots of family — children, grandchildren, and so many friends.

It's time to put head, hands and hearts together and send the man we love some of that love. Even if you don't know Jim you may one day know his poetry, Teton Sioux translations, stories, songs, chants, and charms.

The editor of Coyote's Journal is somewhere on the cusp tonight.

In the territory where Jesse and Frank James called home.

29 Nov '14

photo 1988 © bob & susan arnold

"I'm writing you all to let you know that Jim had a stroke last night in Joplin, Missouri. He was also diagnosed with pneumonia. He is currently unable to communicate & the prognosis is not great, but his vitals are fine for the time being. If he does pull through he may need full time care. . ."

— Bert Koller, 29 November 2014


Moscow in the Plague Year
Marina Tsvetaeva
translated by Christoper Whyte
Archipelago Books, 2014