Monday, February 18, 2019



No one visited all winter

No one —

Everyone decided

There was too much ice

From the road to the house

We’d see squirrel tracks

Cat tracks

Fox tracks

In the lightest snow

They came

Town Rain

Isn’t it great

When it rains —

Suddenly everyone is running!

Beauty Queen

The old cat

Is deaf —

Purrs louder


come to

them be-

fore it

is too


Problem Solver

I saw the face of god today —

now having lost half my readers because of the

word god, no hard feelings, let’s continue

as I was saying I saw the face of god

in fact his whole body and soul

he was walking towards us in an old Rangers team jacket

cap, shorts, he maybe even had his god beard, I believe he did

the sun returned after five straight days of rain and

no one showed up on the park bench right

outside of the grocer’s

but the two of us

and how good does it get

when god speaks to you

as we rise to leave walking the side-

walk toward this bearded transient 

waving confidently one arm in the air

shouting these very words —

“You guys are the salt of the earth —

(pointing) I hate those other people”

what a



Bob Arnold
Heaven Lake

Longhouse 2018