Monday, March 18, 2019

HEAVEN LAKE ( 25 ) ~

An Answer To 
My Problems





Turn Around

You can live in fear

that’s all there seems to be

newspaper to television screen

even people’s faces on the street

stop your car by the side of the road

get out and walk into the field

sit there, be there, your back to the road

everyone will think you are crazy

you are crazy

now that that is settled

sit there until the field takes you

then the trees

False Idols

we brought apples on the trip

and never ate the apples on the trip

nothing like an apple


Tonight while sitting on the


the little kitten we saved from

starving and freezing to death

is a month now with us

and 12 weeks old

and as I sat there he crawled

without hesitation into my

pulled down pants

a little pocket of

kitten, and no one but no one

would think of doing this

but him

The Sort Of World I Like

I’m on the roof today cleaning the chimney

Without a sound a bicyclist floats by on the

Dirt road along the river and spots me and

Shouts, “Your house looks great!”

I’ve never seen her before

I look twice to make sure I haven’t


Don’t know her

But she’s happy


Bob Arnold
Heaven Lake

Longhouse 2018