Friday, August 7, 2015


Tess Gallagher with Raymond Carver

Soda Crackers

You soda crackers! I remember

when I arrived here in the rain,

whipped out and alone.

How we shared the aloneness

and quiet of this house.

And the doubt that held me

from fingers to toes

as I took you out

of your cellophane wrapping

and ate you, meditatively,

at the kitchen table

that first night with cheese,

and mushroom soup. Now,

a month later to the day,

an important part of us

is still here. I'm fine.

And you — I'm proud of you, too.

You're even getting remarked

on in print! Every soda cracker

should be so lucky.

We've done all right for

ourselves. Listen to me.

I never thought

I could go on like this

about soda crackers.

But I tell you

the clear sunshiny

days are here, at last.


Raymond Carver

from ~ Jane Hirshfield's
Ten Windows:
How Great Poems Transform
the World (Knopf 2015)