Thursday, November 10, 2016



Sing Along

Sorry, I'm real sick right about now of the profound —
We have profound poets, profound politicians, profound pundits
Profound books to read, and while I revel with the next guy in the profound
Learn from the profound, sing along with the profound
There is nothing in the world like straight talk
When straight talk is the obvious trail through the woods
Up the alley
To the cancer cell
I can't tell you how much of my life working in the woods
Has taught me to skip the profound and follow the deer trail
Sideways across the mountain, not up —
So I'm not there to listen to Donald Trump's concession speech
In a long line of marauders and monsters on the stage with him
Nor Hillary Clinton's carefully staged concession, and farewell
Please go
With your husband's sexual predatory ways
Akin to his golfing buddy Donald Trump's similar predatory ways
And Anthony Weiner's similar predatory ways
Along with Julian Assange's similar predatory ways
The face of Hillary Clinton and other women's faces tells it all
There has been serious damage done
Or as the voice of a young woman shouted out to Hillary Clinton
The other night when she gave a speech roiled and boiled
In the controversies no doubt caused by those who she associates with
The young woman supporter cried, "Not Your Fault "
A beautiful teleplay, lasting mere seconds, that shined that light
And how I was just reminded by Sweetheart while walking
The woods in the rain that it was 40 years ago today
When we rolled out of blankets on the floor of
Our wood's cabin after spending the night by the radio
No sleep, and welcomed in the Presidency of Jimmy Carter
We must have closed our eyes for a moment because the cabin door
Knocked and outside was our only neighbor Everett who stood there
Lame and wanted to know, in this 11th hour, if I could cross the river
And work up five cord of firewood for him before winter
Winter just around the bend
I'd be paid $8 a cord from a guy who didn't have money, or wood
I'd have to cross the river wearing waders
I cut the wood    Everett got his wood     winter did come     and now it's all passed
A lot of Trump's voters are like Everett
Up at dawn banging on some door waiting for an impossible dream to come true
Sometimes it does
In the right hands
Working hands
Of all colors
Shapes and

Bob Arnold
9 November 2016

p.s. "Please go" re Hillary — here is a thought I haven't heard entertained —
to assist healing the country, unifying opposites, where Donald Trump can
reveal a conciliatory heart, and make everyone jump, mostso his supporters,
since his past life has been a wonder of unpredictability: have Mr. Trump
select Hillary Clinton as a Supreme Court Justice. World goes round.