Thursday, November 28, 2013


"Silver Stairs is the name of a fairytale falls which graces
the mountainside with liquid lace between Essex and Summit
on Montana U.S. 2 just south of Glacier National Park.
The "stairs" are tiers of black granite, and the water
tumbling down them is a springtime phenomenon, a
highwater treat for early season visitors."
photograph by Gene Bachteler


Deer Season

If I am a deer

No one will find me

I’m gone —

There are still places
No one man has been

I would turn the color of oak leaves
When I move into sunlight I am sunlight


As always I will hear the voices of
Hunters breaking through the woodlot


They sound lost
Look disfigured


I can standstill for as long as 
It takes for them to walk by


I’m invisible —


The deepness 
Of lakes


Bob Arnold

photo : peter miller


Bob stenciling stone sun room floor
November 2013


 photo © susan arnold