Monday, December 5, 2016


Even Inside

You were asleep

I blew out the lamp

Turned to you —

A firefly blinked


Summer Leaves

I listen

To all

Its length

Of a tall

Maple tree

In the rain


The same bird every night

In the same tree singing

The same song that does

The same very songful

Thing inside of me

It Is Now The Birds Settle

You would walk

Upstairs to our room

In the early evening

So warm

Undress, while looking to the woods

Lie down

Hours later

I would find you this way

Explaining To Carson

On the boat ride we saw

One town, one island,

Two motor boats, two

Kids swimming from a canoe,

A redtail hawk flew over

The mountain, a blue 

Heron flapped around the bend


Bob Arnold
Once In Vermont