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Carson Arnold comes from a place where poetry is dignity and where nature
defines all. As any teenager will attest, you either scowl or smile away the
purity of realism, and in Carson’s case he expressed this dynamic in a
dialogue with music, primarily rock n roll and all its offspring. Owing to
nada, but going for the gold, and dreaming towards radical awareness. 

And the kid done grown up.

— Thurston Moore


Carson Arnold
If I Blinked Through These Windows
 Music Essays & Interviews

Longhouse 2014
  456 pages

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Most of the essays and interviews on Track and H(ear) can be found at the website: www.LonghousePoetry/hear.html

There were a few longer interviews with the musicians Dredd Foole and Peter Siegel — too long to manage in print — that are not in this collection but can be found at the same website.

The postcard series LISTEN! is shown here in facsimile copies, but there are real copies, in limited edition, available from Longhouse.

This book publication was made by Bob Arnold, with great help from Susan Arnold, the mother of the lode. One day, Bob said, he walked into Carson's music store and saw a young man busy at work helping customers with their requests and keeping good cheer with his fellow employees. It was the ultimate tribal experience of record stores around the world. The groove. You know one when you're in one.

He also saw that this young man had gone through some struggles. That this treasure chest of writing had been done, and while some from his website readers had sent back hurrahs and salutations (music energy is beautiful) there was something missing in his hands, and it may be this book.

So over one of the coldest and snowiest winters in the backwoods, or anywhere else, for years — two~hands set to work to compile a book and have this ready for Carson’s 29th birthday in June. Same birth date as Che Guevara's; same day as Flag Day —  just to show you how much of a Gemini this young fellow is.

Age 29.

Not yet 30.

You can still trust him.     

— Levi Rose

  photos © susan arnold