Wednesday, May 22, 2019


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Beauty is not dead

A Vision for the Future

         better not be dead

Romance & Love are not dead

Heart seeking description

Windows of mountains streaming

         resolve & wisdom are not dead

Battered old rattlers

Lovers of old objects

         that created yesterdays

         free of pain

         are not dead

Defiant traditions of straight talk

         on the life & death walk

         are not dead

The great paintings & parties

         in the verses of poets

         beyond language, awe inspiring

         felt in the middle of the body

         ZAUM is not dead

The beauty of folk poetry

         is not dead

Only the past

Only the vacuous langauge of obscurant

         academes writing only to impress

         other poets promoting exclusion

Only the nihilist TV heads

Only the fascist cowards

Only those who want knowledge to be

         private property

         are dead

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Andy Clausen