Friday, June 6, 2014


For the Birdhouse dozen readers or so — and you know who you are — let's not beat around the bush: this is the book you want to read, want to own and want to do what I am doing: promote it. The essays are mainly western USA based, with one long adventurous foray away from the west and into Sweden and the Nobel Prize for the author's father, and the author is family oriented in just the right way for the essay — of the father — to be the last word. There are other fathers, wisdom fathers, in this fine shaped book from deep forest seekers and inhabitants, to Jaime de Angulo, east India mystics, poets and similar seekers, other poets, and even a time out to discuss awhile baseball. Babe Ruth was a poet, and if you don't think so, then his name was poetry. 
Please read the back cover blurbs shown above, they mean well.