Monday, January 21, 2019


After Work

Long day for us both

Field work hot sun

Resting later on

Taking off your boots for you

Then your socks

I can’t stop


walking out

from her bath

one lasting

water drop

between those


Folk Song

It was a Sunday morning

When we decided to chase

The freight train flat on the

New Mexican plain —

Straight and longly forever

It seemed like the barren

Road we were on, rails

Running  parallel,  sun

Rising, three locomotives

Strong — we all galloped —

And when we reached

Ahead and to a bend in the

Road we stopped and ran out

As close as we dared and

Almost better than the

Sight of the train itself

Felt the earth shake at

Its approach up and down

Like a planetary drum

This shooting star comes

Thundering over the rise —

A good man knowing a

Good thing when he sees

It waves to us with two

Blasts of his train whistle

Quivering and heart-filling

Like the best folk song


what bedspread

what blanket

what cloth I

have watched her

hand spread smooth

with an elegance


on my-


Bob Arnold
Heaven Lake

Longhouse 2018