Saturday, December 23, 2023



Shoeing the Centipede

You don't need a high I.Q.

to write a haiku,

and doggonit

a sonnet

just ain't that tough.

Free verse? Shit,

a brain-damaged woodpecker

can write that stuff,

and sure as snowflakes melt in Hell

you can write a villanelle

by finding two strong lines that rhyme

and sticking with them.

Plus, just between us,

a sestina is

pretty much six words

that can go either way,

while a roundelay

is mainly refrain.

And honestly,

most any turd

off the street

can create an iambic beat

using words as crude

as duh and cat.

Let those rummy critics quibble

in polysyllables

and wave their paper hats:

writing poems isn't hard.

What's hard, what elevates

you to a bona fide bard,

what summons new colors from the sun,

is writing a great one.


Jim Dodge

Always Something

Limberlost Press

Rick & Rosemary Ardinger

17 Canyon Trail

Boise, Idaho 83716


one of the finest books of poems for 2023

or any year