Friday, February 23, 2018


Her Garden

In order to decorate her garden

In order to burn her moist jewels

The night came, above the soft grass

Above the graveyard, inside the tombstones the night came

Above the graveyard, inside the tombstones she stands

Memories vividly burn

Memories moist from sweet nectar

From that border the blue bird again

From that border again flying back to her garden.

I shall scoop the night dew from the thicket of asparagus

Like a cutworm on a tomato flower

I shall seek her fragrance there

O, but her spirits have been gradually wilting

As expected from a distant blue sky

As expected from going after that little bird's shadow

Right now            on a leaf of grass a cabbage butterfly

Idly folding wings and falling asleep

As expected, she is like the heart of that small insect

As expected, she is here quietly sleeping.

Hirato Renkichi
Spiral Staircase
Collected Poems
Ugly Duckling Presse

M O R E !!!