Tuesday, July 17, 2012


John Brandi / Steve Sanfield

All day I've been writing away on the final leg of the Longhouse Bibliography for the years 2008-2012. I'm at 2011 and thought to charge ahead and get more under the belt and then I opened the mail ~ and here was a new book by John and Steve (sent by Steve, with other loose poems to share) and I couldn't help myself but to read. Everything.

Then go out and snap a photograph

Then type you up some of the poems from the book

So you are here with me

Like these two guys are


no clouds

but the sky fills

with snowflakes

solitude —

every knot on the floor

begins to move

another pal becomes a recluse

almost no one left

to not visit

unburned brush pile


to bud

three mistakes / two stumbles

and not even

out the door yet

jury summons

he wears exactly

what they told him not to

changing the stream's song

simply by moving

a stone or two

years of pine needles

on the path

soften his own fall

so happy for their visit

he opens the gate

for the swirling leaves

200 copies, text printed at Country Copy, Grass Valley, California
over image, printing & binding by Jerry Reddan, Tangram Press