Monday, May 18, 2020



Sometime in June — I'm off building now through the summer — I will start up a weekly showcase from my book of portraits Poets Who Sleep. There are many. Probably the best way to share this big book is to display a dozen portraits each Monday until the book is all seen. This will take one year. The book is available to purchase from Longhouse. There is also a full on-line version of the book, complete, that can be purchased.

The Poets Who Sleep portraits each Monday will take over my usual spot of showing my own writings. I'll find another day in the week to show my work, and another day to show another poet's work, or two poets, or three. Let's see what happens. I've been showing the Birdhouse for a dozen years now, nearly every day with something, and I'm now up for a little change of scene.

Building has been going on here since early spring and will continue into the fall. There is a zombie virus circulating around the world while this has all been happening. Many very unfortunate have fallen, and I suggest you look carefully who has received an advantage perch during this pandemic — there are a handful — at what they plan to gain. Their hearts are not good.

By winter, when we crouch down back into the abode, I will certainly want to get back to sharing books, music, cinema, and the day's highlights. Be here. All's well.

"tool belt"
Susan Arnold