Thursday, February 13, 2020


“Inspirational!  It makes me want to design another line of jewelry!”
—Ivanka Trump

“There’s a word for this kind of thing, and it ain’t poetry.”
—Mike Pence

“This book does to the written word what that iceberg did to the Titanic.”
—Sarah Huckabee Sanders

“What we need is a literary revolution.  Will AGITPORP help bring it about?  I have no idea.”
—Bernie Sanders

“My lawyers have already been given stilettoes.”
—Kellyanne Conway

“Every single word in this book can be found in Wikipedia!”
—Kanye West

“Is this what has become done to our beloved American alphabet?”
—Sarah Palin

“I’m pleased to say that I’ve never met John Bradley.  Nor would I ever want to.”
—Noam Chomsky

“Keep this away man from your children.  And the family dog.  And your pet rattlesnake.”
—Harvey Weinstein

“Satire is the rudest form of flattery.”
—Hope Hicks

“John Bradley has written another book.  Shelter in place.”
—Gina Haspel

“It’s true—this book could have prevented the Civil War.  And could start the next one.”
—Andrew Jackson

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