Wednesday, September 5, 2012



Reading and Writing through John Cage's Writing and Reading
University of California, Santa Barbara, 2012

September 5, 2012
Print Studios,
Department of Art, UC Santa Barbara
Building 434, #100-109
10 am - 7 pm.


Early morning messages today from Ce Rosenow telling of the passing of our mutual friend and small press pal, Phyllis Walsh. Phyllis was a poet, located in that long tradition of Wisconsin wholeness, so no surprise she regularly and dutifully also issued from there her haiku journal Hummingbird. I hold them all, thanks to Phyllis.

please see word pond for Phyllis:

Some friends, favorites, and advisers
with us in small corners
& tuck-aways
in our bookshop
~ Vermont

they are
joan didion
flanney o'connor
mfk fisher
eric hoffer
bob dylan
kenneth patchen
james koller
patricia neal
hayden carruth
william burroughs
rosmarie waldrop
roald dahl
colin wilson
janet frame
woody guthrie
clint eastwood
jaime deangulo
van wyck brooks
jack kerouac
may sarton
kenneth rexroth

photos © bob arnold