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Born in Harlem, bebop master hand Earl Rudolph Powell ("Bud") was active on the jazz scene in the United States and Europe between 1944-1965.

Powell's "Un Poco Loco" was selected by literary critic Harold Bloom for inclusion on his short list of "the greatest works of twentieth-century American art." 
"It Could Happen to You" was the B-side.

"If I had to choose one single musician for his artistic integrity, for the incomparable originality of his creation and the grandeur of his work, it would be Bud Powell. He was in a class by himself. "
Bill Evans

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Studio recordings

1947: Bud Powell Trio (Roost)
1949-50: Bud Powell Piano Solos (Mercury / Clef) aka (Ω of) Jazz Giant (Norgran / Verve)
1949-51: The Amazing Bud Powell (Blue Note)
1950: Bud Powell Piano Solos No. 2 (Mercury / Clef) aka (Ω of) Jazz Giant (Norgran / Verve)
1950-51: Bud Powell's Moods (Mercury / Clef) aka The Genius of Bud Powell (Verve)
1953: The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol. 2 (Blue Note)
1953: Bud Powell Trio, Volume 2 (Roost)
1954-55: Bud Powell's Moods (Norgran / Verve)
1954-55: Jazz Original (Norgran) aka Bud Powell '57 (Norgran / Verve)
1955: The Lonely One... (Verve)
1955: Piano Interpretations by Bud Powell (Norgran / Verve)
1956: Blues in the Closet (Verve)
1956: Strictly Powell (RCA Victor)
1957: Swingin' with Bud (RCA Victor)
1957: Bud! The Amazing Bud Powell (Vol. 3) (Blue Note)
1957-58: Bud Plays Bird (Roulette / Blue Note) 1958: Time Waits: The Amazing Bud Powell (Vol. 4) (Blue Note) 1958: The Scene Changes: The Amazing Bud Powell (Vol. 5) (Blue Note)
1961: A Tribute to Cannonball (Columbia) 1961: A Portrait of Thelonious (Columbia)
1963: Bud Powell in Paris (Reprise)

Live and home recordings

1944-48: Earl Bud Powell, Vol. 1: Early Years of a Genius, 44-48 (Mythic Sound)
1953: Winter Broadcasts 1953 (ESP-Disk)
1953: Spring Broadcasts 1953 (ESP-Disk)
1953: Inner Fires (Elektra)
1953: Summer Broadcasts 1953 (ESP-Disk)
1953: Autumn Broadcasts 1953 (ESP-Disk)
1953-55: Earl Bud Powell, Vol. 2: Burnin' in U.S.A., 53-55 (Mythic Sound)
1957-59: Earl Bud Powell, Vol. 3: Cookin' at Saint-Germain, 57-59 (Mythic Sound)
1959-60: Bud in Paris (Xanadu)
1959-61: Earl Bud Powell, Vol. 5: Groovin' at the Blue Note, 59-61 (Mythic Sound)
1960: The Essen Jazz Festival Concert (Black Lion)
1960-64: Earl Bud Powell, Vol. 11: Gift for the Friends, 60-64 (Mythic Sound)
1961: Pianology (Moon [Italy]) [33]
1961-64: Earl Bud Powell, Vol. 4: Relaxin' at Home, 61-64 (Mythic Sound)
1962: Bud Powell Live in Lausanne 1962 (Stretch Archives)
1962: Bud Powell Live in Geneva (Norma [Japan])
1962: Bud Powell Trio at the Golden Circle, Vols. 1-5 (Steeplechase) [34]
1962: Budism (SteepleChase)
1962: Bouncing with Bud (Sonet)
1962: 'Round About Midnight at the Blue Note (Dreyfus Jazz)
1962-64: Bud Powell at Home - Strictly Confidential (Fontana)
1963: Earl Bud Powell, Vol. 6: Writin' for Duke, 63 (Mythic Sound)
1963: Americans in Europe (Impulse!)
1964: Earl Bud Powell, Vol. 7: Tribute to Thelonious, 64 (Mythic Sound)
1964: Blues for Bouffemont (Fontana)
1964: Hot House (Fontana)
1964: Earl Bud Powell, Vol. 8: Holidays in Edenville, 64 (Mythic Sound)
1964: The Return of Bud Powell (Roulette)
1964: Earl Bud Powell, Vol. 9: Return to Birdland, 64 (Mythic Sound)
1964: Earl Bud Powell, Vol. 10: Award at Birdland, 64 (Mythic Sound)
1964: Ups'n Downs (Mainstream)

Notable compilations

Tempus Fugue-It (Proper Records) - Four disc set, from 1944 recordings with Cootie Williams to the first sessions for Blue Note and Clef in 1949-50.
The Complete Bud Powell on Verve - Five discs, sessions from 1949 to 1956.
The Best of Bud Powell on Verve - Single disc compilation of the best of Powell's work for the label.
The Complete Blue Note and Roost Recordings - Four disc set containing all of the Amazing Bud Powell... Blue Note sessions plus Roost sessions from 1947 and 1953. The Blue Note sessions have also been remastered and reissued as individual CDs and are arguably better[citation needed] (though the Roost material is not included).
The Complete RCA Trio Sessions - Contains Swingin' with Bud and Strictly Powell.

As sideman

with Cootie Williams

1944: Cootie Williams and His Orchestra 1941-44

with Frank Socolow

1945: New York Journeyman - Complete Recordings

with J. J. Johnson

1946: J. J. Johnson's Jazz Quintets

with Dexter Gordon

1947: Dexter Rides Again
1963: Our Man in Paris

with The Quintet (Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus, Max Roach)

1953: Jazz at Massey Hall

with Art Blakey

1959: Paris Jam Session

with Charles Mingus

1960: Mingus at Antibes - sits in on one track, "I'll Remember April"