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2013. Bob Arnold. Beautiful Days. 96 pages, 6 x 10. New and limited. Fine bright glossy pictorial wraps with crisp bright text throughout. New poems by Bob Arnold ~ living and writing to Hurricane Irene and life in those Vermont woodlands ~

Beautiful Days

: all I seemed to be doing in 2012 was cutting wood, after Hurricane Irene came for a visit and slammed us good, took our road. The tree damage was extensive and the flooded river brought what wasn't necessarily ours and took ours elsewhere. A wall of trees was what we had. A mother nature beaver dam. So we cut it out of there and lugged it all up out of the river by hand and brought it home and eventually made ourselves warm in the house. I had no idea I was writing poems at the same time, but I guess I was. It made this book.

2013. Bob ArnoldHe Had 7 or 8 Horses.

: we listened and watched the news from Oklahoma the day the tornado came in hard and went away, only to return hard again over the plains. Houses and hospitals and schools all in its path. People flee, animals with them, birds tuck down, others run to assist, and poets jot down poems. There are only 25 printed, three color design, of this broadside, all signed by the poet. 

2013. Bob ArnoldStone Hut, 112 pages, 5-3/4 x 8-3/4.

: Stone Hut is the revised and much expanded edition of Bob Arnold's book On Stone — with twelve additional chapters added since the first book was published in 1988, including commentary about her reading of On Stone by homesteader Helen Nearing. The original photographs are here, now in color, plus a virtual photo album of job sites and stone structures built by Bob Arnold over forty years. It also remains a family book, with the birth of a granddaughter, furthering the telling.

2013. Bob ArnoldThis Secret Handshake. New and limited. 112 pages, 5 x 7-3/4. Fine bright glossy pictorial wraps with crisp bright text throughout. Prose poems and photographs by Bob, Susan & Carson Arnold ~

: winter ~ spring 2013 was long and stretched itself like many arms into spring so we were burning wood far too long in May. Usually we light one match in early October and start the wood fire in the Jotul, and then that fire doesn't go out until sometime in early May; not late May. The very same fire and hot coals of October stays all the way into May. All to say this got us into trouble at making another book, by that wood fire, and many booklets listed below, with more on the way. This new book is all prose poems, along with approximately 125 color photographs, showcasing 40 or so years at the Longhouse homestead and travels.

2013. John Bradley. The Cosmic Chronicles of Billy the Kidder. Three color unfolding concertina format with photograph and poem. New and limited. and limited. 

john bradley

: this "bus-ticket" (because of its shape and size) is only the latest in a growing library of Longhouse publications by John Bradley — stretching from poems and celebrations via the Henry Ford era, the nuclear world we live in, Turkish travels, and now Billy the kid; or "the kidder", as John likes to portray the legend here. Between the legend and the poet which one is the outlaw, which one is kidding who?

2013. Joshua Burkett. Summer Tour Diary. Three color unfolding concertina format with photograph and poem. New and limited. 


:I've known Josh a long time, bought plenty from his (and his partner Cynthia's) music store in Amherst, MA., "Mystery Train" in its now third location— talk about survivalists in an era of monopoly and real estate greed! These two beauties are keeping it happening. Josh is also a musician, quiet at it, sometimes performs, often stays close to home or inside his own studio heaven, but one day Josh sent to a bunch of his friends this summer tour diary as an email junket to take as we wished and enjoy. I liked it enough because I believe it catches Josh loose and free, for his love of music and day's happenings, that I asked him if we could make a little booklet of it. The front cover photograph is Josh all the way.

2013. Anna Carey. Three Years ~ Love, Nature, Dogs, Sky and More. Three color unfolding format with photograph and poem. 

:a many-colored full size foldout booklet with Himalayan papers band, one of our largest booklets ever, and for privacy reasons unavailable to the public. A private affair between two lovers betwixt these poems. 

2013. Thomas Cochran. Little Poems. Three color unfolding concertina format with photograph and poem. 

: a three-color tall foldout booklet from Arkansas, decorated with photographs. Thomas Cochran's poems were brought to our attention from a mutual friend in the Ozarks woodwork — one of three booklets that were formed this way in the winter of 2013— friend speaking about another friend's writing and definite worth. 

2013. Kim Dorman. In the Hour of Cowdust. Three color unfolding concertina format with photographs and poems. 

: Kim and I have been in touch, almost daily, for a dozen years or better. An Oklahoma~Texas boy with roots as well in India where he lived in the Kerala region with his young family once upon a time. I know he has had many fine poems written over years from India, and since India, and it was time to see if we could wrap a collaboration between us where I would select from Kim's deep notebook of ancient~modern visitor poems. I also found photographs while choosing poems and rummaging.

2013. Krista Feakes.. Three Years ~ To Where I Walk. Three color unfolding concertina  format with photograph and poem. 

: with front panel color painting by the poet's son Caleb, Krista Feakes is a poet who has come our way through the recommendation of another poet in the rich Wisconsin subsoil of poetry. She resides in the north kingdom of the soul with her family, stories, poems, extended family, and wears a furry collar around her face. We hope to see more from Krista with Longhouse down the path line.

2013. Gerald Hausman. A Raga For Ragga Island. Three color unfolding concertina format with photograph and poem.

: Gerry I've known forever and forever is a long time, you get to know one another. Although I've never been to the west coast island streams of Florida, I've had continuous letters and missives from Gerry over all these years to finally want to make a booklet that captured the place — by photographs, and Gerry's text. This is storytelling from the ground pulse as good as it gets.

2013. Gary Hotham. Our Waves Meet the Ocean Waves. Three color unfolding format

: a new booklet of sixteen haiku by Gary and some are tucked up and away for the reader to find! Not a game, a pleasure. Gary Hotham has for decades been a contributor to other Longhouse library of titles and there's no stopping us now!

2014. Miyazawa Kenji, translated by Hiroaki Sato. Aomori Elegy / The Tsugaru Strait / The Karafuto Railroad.  Double volume. Three color unfolding concertina format with photograph and poem. 

Hiro Sato is one of the masters of the Japanese language, landscape and its literature and little comes better from Hiro than the great Miyazawa Kenji — so good we asked Hiro if we could publish two booklets and he was kind enough to send to us some of Kenji's longer poems as well. Vintage photos on the front cover for glorious reading ahead.

2013. Robin Magowan. Saeb Tabrizi (1601-1670) The Garden of Amazement translated by Reza Saberi and Robin Magowan. Three color unfolding format

: edited by Bob Arnold from a vast manuscript in-the-works by these two translators gazing with wonder at poems flowing in a stream from four centuries past. An earlier Longhouse booklet of poems by these translators is also available on request.

2013. Steven Manuel. First Ayres. Three color unfolding format with photograph and poem. 

: three color palm-size booklet with decorative band, poems are interlaced throughout this tiny gem — from back cover, title page and then into the text itself. Ever thanks to Jeffery Beam for tipping Steven our way.

2013. Helen K. Nearing. Jarvis Green. Sewn wraps. New and limited, 4-1/4 x 5-1/2


: that's Jarvis Green on the left, Maine old coot and cat lover, and Helen Nearing on the right, young and beautiful, not yet landed in Vermont, where she will homestead in the Jamaica, Vermont region with her stalwart husband Scott Nearing. When things ran out of room for the Nearings in Vermont, they moved their whole dream vision of work, politics, and social activism to the coast of Maine, in and around the Penobscot region, where they met Jarvis. Jarvis was a welcoming kind and Helen knew how to receive, and they began their conversation and friendship through the presence of two cats (at least) and the new land around them.

2013. Malcolm Ritchie. in these lines is my reclusion. Three color unfolding accordion booklet with new poems. Poet, Buddhist and Japanese scholar, from the steward of the Arran Island of Scotland. New and limited.


:Malcolm often writes to me from the Arran region of Scotland, not to be confused (as I was for awhile) with the Irish "Aran". He's written beautifully on a life made in rural Japan, and now in Scotland continues with the vision he carries of small wonders (his poems) made large, as large as you wish. This is the second Longhouse booklet from Malcolm, and I have to say, they touch hands.

2013. Austin Smith & Michael Theune. Midwestern Death Poems. Three color unfolding concertina format with photograph and poem. New and limited

: haiku from the dark side by two midwestern poet friends. Let the lightnin' bug in the jar lamp light your reading. There is much more of Austin's publications in the Longhouse library.

2013. Jeff Todd Titon. Davey. Three color unfolding concertina format with photograph and poem. New and limited

 : I knew Jeff's deep circuitous music roots & writings over a very long time, but it took a mutual friend, the folklorist Mike Luster to get us together to maybe round up a booklet — not of music (or is it?) but of apple trees, an orchard, and those that have the gift for grafting and restoring. Ah, the round in hand and mind glorious and delicious apple!

2013. Mark Terrill. The Other Side. Three color unfolding concertina format with photograph and poem. New and limited. 


: Mark was sharing some new prose poems with me by email one day from his home in Germany (this California boy long time now expatriate) when one long one called "The Other Side" just clicked nicely for me and got my juices going for a possible booklet. I asked the author for more, and more arrived, and this booklet got made with nary a hitch. There is an old European knack from Mark's writing that I often enjoy, combined with his work as a translator of modern German poets which hasn't hurt his personal development one single bit.

2013. Jason Watts. nothing is looking. Three color unfolding concertina format with photograph and poem.

: out of Scotland, a premiere publication for the poet, and brought our way via an author close to Longhouse and wanting to introduce more riches from his neighborhood. 

2013. J. D. Whitney. So Many Cousins. Three color foldout, new and limited. 


: there are so many cousins only because JD believes in his cousins, writes to and with his cousins, brings us his cousins (it's all about a sharing) that in a matter of time you may know, or recognize, some of these cousins. This is the third of the Longhouse JD 'cousins' booklets, which are growing in size to be a town meeting. No one touches the side of the face of the natural kingdom like J.D.


2013. Heathcote Williams.
The President of the United States Is A Tree. Three color foldout with photograph and poem. New and limited.


: one of the most prolific and living proof wonders (poetry, prose, acting, activism) we have with us on the scene today has to be Heathcote Williams. This is Heathcote's third booklet with Longhouse and his work often comes my way through the splash and celebration of other writers sharing it with me. "Seen this one, Bob?" I haven't. Like it. Write Heathcote and Heathcote immediately sends it over from England no questions asked. Liberty is no questions asked.



We had designed and published selected handmade books in the past; now we were setting out at choosing particular authors and designing offset titles. Not POD (print on demand) but offset productions starting off at modest print numbers and remaining in print. We will continue this way until something convinces us to stop.

2014.  Bob Arnold. Go West. softcover glossy bound, 144 pages, 5-1/2 x 6-1/4

: First published by James Koller's Coyote Books in the late 80s and reissued in an expanded edition from Longhouse with all new photographs from its travel era by Bob & Susan Arnold. East to West across America all by train.  Clicky-clack, the poems talk back.

2014.  Bob Arnold. My Sweetest Friend. softcover glossy bound. 80 pages, 5-1/2 x 6-1/4

: An expanded edition from an earlier homemade book from Longhouse, now with vintage black & white photographs within the full sequence of poems to a passing older sister.

2014.  Bob Arnold and Jason Clark. Sapline. softcover glossy bound, 72 pages, 5-1/2 x 6-1/4

:  Maple sugaring short poems by Bob Arnold with a series of sugar bush drawings by Jason Clark share this Vermont passage of annual ritual from winter to spring. There are deep pathways through the snow of any true sugar bush poetry.

2014.  Carson Arnold . If I Blinked Through These Windows, Music Essays & Interviews, edited by Bob Arnold. large softcover glossy bound with photographs and illustrations, 458 pages, 6-1/2 x 9-1/2

: The collected music writing of Carson Arnold, edited by Bob Arnold, from Carson's original releases all over the Internet at the ripe old ages of 15-19 years of age. A large collection handsomely endorsed by Thurston Moore and Paul Williams, two music ground breakers in their own right who know what they see & hear.

2014.  Malcolm Ritchie. small lines on the great earth. softcover glossy bound with illustrations by the author, 
112 pages, 5 x 8-1/2

: The collected short poems from the roughened edge island of Arran in Scotland by one of the master path walkers and surveyor's, Malcolm Ritchie. Stitched throughout the book the poet also shows his art work of fine pen & ink.

2014.  J. D. Whitney. Sweeping the Broom Shorter, Selected Poems 1964 - 2014. softcover glossy bound,
 192 pages, 5 x 8-1/2

: Pick which cover you like most since there are two! Over five decades of a finely chosen showcase of poems by the poet make this Selected Poems how the poet wanted things. As Charles Olson has said of Whitney, "He is himself." O Lucky man.

2015.  Bob Arnold Rain Bear.  softcover matte cover bound, 50 pages, 5-1/2 x 6-1/4

: Bob Arnold's first children's book which can be read by all children of all ages. Decide if you are child enough. It's about a bear on the move. With photographs from the wild field, and more drawings by Jason Clark.


2015.  Bob Arnold. Start with the Tree. softcover glossy bound, 160 pages, 5-1/2 x 6-1/4

: In 2014 Bob Arnold built a two port garage he called "a chapel" out of timber, steel and stone, and all the while wrote a book about it on his days away from work, or in the evening hours and when the tools were set down. With work scale color photographs from the job site by Susan Arnold. It's about building a structure and maybe about building a marriage.

2015.  Cid Corman. Of, Volumes 4 & 5. large softcover matte bound, 848 pages, 6 x 8-1/2

: Years in the making. This is the very last of Cid Corman's poetry, two volumes housed into one massive book well over 800 pages long with 1500 poems threaded throughout. It's how Cid wanted the volumes to be read. Selected and edited by Bob Arnold, Cid Corman's literary executor. The book makes the cornerstone for the full five volume opus. The earlier three volumes are now rare but an inquiry may be made into Longhouse.

2015.  James Koller. Openings. softcover glossy bound, 72 pages, 5-1/2 x 6-1/4

: First selected & edited by Bob Arnold in the mid80s as a homemade folded booklet from Longhouse, now revamped and polished up in an offset edition with a new afterword by Bob, celebrating the poet's poems over four decades. James Koller (1936-2014) was the celebrated editor of Coyote's Journal.

2015.  Dudley Laufman. The Islandian Poems & Fables. softcover glossy bound with illustrations, 
72 pages, 5-1/2 x 6-1/4

: Where is "Islandia?" — of the mind, or where? Some say it's off the furthest southern part of South America; one could swear reading this book of fables and poems it is somewhere hidden away on the coastal and wooded interior of New England. There is no book like this one. With drawings by Jacqueline Laufman.

2015.  Robin Magowan. The Garden of Amazement, Scattered Gems After Sâeb. large softcover glossy bound with an introduction by the translator, 112 pages, 6 x 8-1/2

: Ancient Persian Saeb, almost too noble for his own good, on the rocky path of this book cover, taking us into deepest old Iran byway of the precise and nimble handwork of poet Robin Magowan. Longhouse had published an earlier homemade foldout booklet of Robin's giving us a taste — now here is a pool.

2015.  Lorine Niedecker.  A Cooking Book. softcover glossy bound, 76 pages, 5-1/2 x 6-1/4

: First published in the 90s as a handmade book by Longhouse in a very limited edition, now reissued in a sparkling offset edition from Longhouse with color photographs attached. It's all here — Lorine cooking with her poems.








photo © bob arnold