Thursday, April 11, 2024



Occasionally the Field of Possibilities


Is branch-spined,

a folded-leaf feeder,

a spatial array

of buckeye larvae,

snapdragons pulling

a pollinator-cue,

orange prolegs

telegraphing mirror-

image eyespots,

a macula lutea sun.


Is disruptive coloration,

yellow concentric rings

around a single eye,

a fovea centralis

of seed cones & pollen cones,

closely packed juniper seeds,

a Polyphemus moth with

urticating bristles & needles

with fine stomata lines, a nexus

of cone axis & host pine.


Is a field of 30,000 ommatidia,

a composite eye

eyeing woodruff & pale persicaria,

ten conspicuous eyespots

bisecting summer & pupation,

the line severing dusk & night,

the night flying hawkmoths,

is tapetal-mirrored,

a reflective tracheal network,

a superpositional glow.


Is a coevolved canopy

of wing scale & leaf,

a broadband acoustic cloak

deflecting echo & foe,

wavelengths of powder & light,

a cloud of stacked platelets,

a thin-film percussion,

hair-penciled & interlinear,

sparkling archaic sun moths,

a microlepidopterous register.


Is night-active & pupillary,

wing-fringe grazing cornea,

small moth repetitions

in an orbit of sequestration notes,

thick scale vestiture,

glassy, bluegrass-hosted,

rain-impermeable with snow-

veined forewings, a loop

of sequestration notes,

a small moth repetition.


Is a current of candles & dawn

half a clockface ago,

a Yablochkovian glow

of carbon-arcing waxwings,

match twigs, linstock boughs,

a sky of combustible fruit

tinders  river of ruined craters,

winter on its last legs,

a winter of monthlessness,

winter with plants in the belly.


Is a complicity

of ruckus & pinion,

is the pollen grain music

of a microstructure of modified hairs,

light-interfering wings,

sight-singing by structural coloration,

a scalic descent

down a microscopic edifice

of struts & holes, wings close

& the moth composes.


The Principle of Rapid Peering

Sylvia Legris

New Directions, 2024

Sylvia Legris lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan