Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Jeffrey Foucault
(b. Whitewater, Wisconsin)


    2001 – Miles from the Lightning
    2003 – Redbird (with Peter Mulvey and Kris Delmhorst)
    2004 – Stripping Cane
    2006 – Ghost Repeater
    2009 - Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes: Jeffrey Foucault Sings the Songs of John Prine
    2010 - Seven Curses (with Mark Erelli)
    2010 - Cold Satellite
    2011 - Horse Latitudes

man alone with guitar, people walking by


Luster said...


Thanks for the introduction to Jeffrey Foucault. I think he and I will be getting better acquainted. Of course Jonathan Winters and Etta James are old friends. Saw her once in New York in 1986 about the time of the two fine live albums.

At last,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


No surprise we both saw Etta James (for the first time for me) in the same year, 1986. Carson was one year old and on a blanket on his back looking up at the evening sky while James demanded the stage.

Jeffrey Foucault's record label wouldn't let me pull the whole song off the album (CD) when I was drawing up this song, a beauty, to showcase on the Birdhouse. So screw the stingy record label, I won't mention its name. I had two choices to show the song, and one was from The Iron Horse (where we once saw Townes Van Zandt, Spider John Koerner, Jesse Winchester, Ramblin' Jack, Odetta, David Ray and some others, each in individual concerts: name dropping here not for my sake, thank you, but for the good spirit of The Iron Horse in Northampton, MA.), or this solitary guy with his guitar and a chair moment. I think you know the one I'm shooting for. Although The Iron Horse looked like a fine set.

Snow has just about vanished here. I was building wall most of the day (stone)
all's well, Bob