Wednesday, February 3, 2016

KIM DORMAN ~ New From Longhouse!


 by Kim Dorman
Including photographs by Kim Dorman

Selected &amp edited by Bob Arnold

New and available now from Longhouse 2016 ~

80 pages

 Perfect bound softcover


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"Kim Dorman’s enduring voice has been with my thinking about poetry for more than a decade. We met when he returned to Texas with his family from Kerala, a state on South India’s Malabar Coast where he had lived many years. Kim’s outpost sensibility and care for our relation in poetry to the world drew me close to him. Our conversations were expansive, attuned to a commitment of seeing in words how time moves in us and through the accidents of our various geographic locations. Those conversations are for me sustained also in his writing. For many years Kim’s newsletter, Gleanings, has arrived with his voice interspersed alongside many others in a generous notational rendering that yokes together unforeseen sources. A generous spirit of listening and persisting into the resistant edges of poetry accompanies Kim’s curiosities. The geographic locations of his living, the sonic gifts of an ear marked by Texas, Mexico, California, and beyond, and the subtle tunings to personal narratives of the everyday inform a rich poetics of his particular stance toward reality. The art I know of him directs attention enlivened by a marvelous acknowledgment of the familiar, and surprising pathways open also through material objects and observations to the heart. I’m delighted to know Kim Dorman’s poetry now comes gleaned and shining forth in a single volume. Bob Arnold has shaped the very best from the many leaves of paper Kim has passed through the inner wilderness of his particular American imaginary. As always, I am grateful for the gift of Kim’s words, and salute the voices they carry."

D A L E     S M I T H
(from Kim Dorman's Owner)

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